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The Fair American Privateer

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

The following lines are humbly presented as a New Year’s gift to those loyal ladies of the city of New York, who are uniting to equip a formidable privateer, to be called The Fair American; for the very laudable purpose of cruising against the detested rebel Corsairs, and their new Popish allies, the base, perfidious French, by their most respectable and obedient servant,


When female hearts beat high for virtuous fame,
And patriot passions glow with hallowed flame,
Their good designs, who can refrain to paint?
Tho’ weak his colors, and his lines tho’ faint.
Hail! lovely fair! who grace that safe retreat,
Where Britain’s friends in cordial union meet,
Whose well-taught minds, in just connection view,
What’s to your God, your king, and country due;
Since your sweet bosoms loyal ardors feel,
And true concern disclose for public weal;
Since you adopt our Royal Charlotte’s plans,
Who to her sex a bright example stands;
Assured be, that every honest man
Will idolize the fair American;
Brave loyal tars, and hearts of oak, will vie
For you to fight or conquer, live or die;
By you inspir’d, they’ll plead our common cause,
With vengeful thunder, ‘gainst the Congress’ laws;
Firm to sustain and resolute to dare,
The friends of George, no Gauls or Yankees bear;
With equal heat the French and rebels beat,
And if they rushed your lovely lips to meet,
Soon as full armed, you bid your privateer,
Go, share the trophies of the rising year,
Her martial crew, their vent’rous course they urge,
Thro’ Neptune’s plains, piratic gangs to scourge.
Our ancient foes, in naval combats foil,
Still in your laps to pour the golden spoil;
Some poet, too, will teach each British dame,
That New York ladies emulate their fame ;
On their loved Queen still fix their faithful eyes,
To catch her manners living as they rise;
Your loyal compact with due praise rehearse,
And place your names in some immortal verse.1
* * * * * *

1 Rivington’s Gazette, January 16.