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The New York Ladies

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

January 6.—In imitation of her Majesty our truly amiable queen, of the noble Marchioness of Granby, and of those six respectable ladies of Westminster, (the owners of the Amazon,) who have respectively equipped private ships of war, lately, at their own expense, to assist in humbling the pride and perfidy of France, and in chastising the rebels of America, it is proposed by a number of the principal loyal ladies residing in New York, to subscribe a liberal sum for the purpose of fitting out immediately a formidable fast-sailing privateer, to be called The Fair American, and for the honor of the sex as well as for the sake of the name, it is not. doubted that she will be extremely well manned, with gallant youths.

This instance, while it reflects great credit on the patriotism of the ladies, ought to be considered by the rebels as a proof of the flagrancy of their own insolence and obstinacy, in rejecting such generous offers of reconciliation, as to excite the indignation of the fair sex, whose natural characteristics are gentleness and benevolence.

While rebel sons for parricide combine,
Let fame record, how female virtues shine.1


1 Rivington’s Royal Gazette, January 6.