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The Grey Maggot

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

January 25. –A despicable pamphlet lately published in Boston, now commonly called the “Grey Maggot,” has asserted, “That the only apology which could be made for the conduct of the Continental Congress in adopting the Suffolk resolves, was that they came into this vote immediately after drinking thirty-two bumpers of Madeira, of which the next morning, when their heads were cool, they were ashamed, and then prudently determined not to do the business till after dinner for the future!” If it would not offend the characters of that truly august assembly to take so much notice of this most impudent and false assertion, as seriously to contradict it, we would say, that it appears from the minutes of the Congress, that as they sat till late in the afternoon, they never did any business after dinner, and that the Suffolk resolves were acted upon Saturday, in the forenoon. From this instance the public may see to what an astonishing height of unblushing falsehood and the basest calumny against the most respectable characters, the enemies of our common rights have now attained; and how ready they are to perform any dirty drudgery for the sake of procuring or preserving a titled or lucrative place. 1


1 Pennsylvania Journal, Feb. 8.

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