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Moody’s Counter Proclamation

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

Hue and Cry: Two Hundred Guineas Reward.

Whereas a certain William Livingston, late an Attorney-at-Law, and now a lawless usurper and incorrigible rebel, stands convicted in the minds of all honest men, as well as in his own conscience, of many atrocious crimes and offences against God and the king, and among many other treasonable practices, has lately, with malicious and murderous intention, published a seditious advertisement in a rebel newspaper, offering a reward, of what he calls two hundred State dollars, to an assassin who shall take and deliver me and three other loyalists into the power of him, the said William Livingston.

I do therefore hereby promise to pay the sum of two hundred guineas, true money, to the person or persons who shall bring the said William Livingston alive into New York, and deliver him into the custody of Captain Cunningham, so that he may be duly lodged in the provost, till the approaching extinction of the rebellion, then to be brought to trial for his numerous crimes and offences aforesaid. In the mean time, if his whole person cannot be brought in, half the sum above specified will be paid for his ears and nose, which are too well known, and too remarkable to be mistaken. Observe, however, that his life must not be attempted, because that would be to follow his example of exciting the villanous practice of assassination, and because his death at present, would defraud Jack Ketch of a future perquisite.

Given under my hand and seal at arms, in New York, this twenty-third day of August, 1781, (a style which I have surely as much right to assume as William Livingston, or any other rebel usurper.)

J. Moody.

The several printers on the continent are requested to insert the above in their newspapers.