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Masons Celebration at New York

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

June 26.—Yesterday being the anniversary festival of St. John the Baptist, was celebrated by the worshipful master and brethren of Lodge number 210, Ancient York Masons, in the city of New York in the following order, viz.:

They repaired from their lodge-room, in due form, to the St. Paul’s Church, where an excellent sermon was delivered by our brother Walter; afterwards they crossed the East River, and had a truly elegant dinner, provided by brothers Hay and Kirk, at Brooklyn Hall, where the following loyal and Masonic toasts were given, viz.:—1. The king and the craft; 2. The queen, royal family, with Masons’ wives and bairns; 3. Sir Henry Clinton, and all loyal Masons; 4. Admiral Arbuthnot, with the other officers of the navy, and all distressed Masons; 5. Generals Knyphausen and Reidesel, with the troops under their command, with our visiting brethren; 6. The army and navy of Great Britain, and the grand-masters of England, Ireland, and Scotland; 7. Lords Cornwallis and Rawdon, and the army to the southward, with the Ancient Fraternity; 8. All loyal subjects, and each faithful Fair that loves the craft of Masonry; 9. Success to the loyal embodied refugees, and our ancient fellow lodges in this city; 10. Victory to our fleets and armies in the West Indies, and all regular ancient lodges; 11. May the Congress at Vienna consult the honor of Great Britain in their councils, and may every good man be a Mason, and every Mason a good man; 12. A speedy conviction to our enemies of the error of their ways, and the day. After which the following song was sung:

TUNE—God Save the King.
By sacred influence hurl’d,
From chaos rose the world,
Great will of Jove.
Grand architect supreme,
Fountains of wisdom stream,
Receive our humble theme,
Duty and love.
Yon glorious azure arch,
Beyond frail mortals search,
Stupendous sphere,
Immensity design’d
To elevate the mind,
Such power with love conjoin’d,
Let us revere.
This day our hearts inspire
With true Masonic fire,
Such be our prayer.
Regardful of our vows,
Then to the world disclose,
What virtues to compose,
Masons that are.
In mystic moral line
Let all the virtues shine,
Censure will cease.
Let charity abound,
Sweet unity be found,
So ever be renown’d,
For faith and peace.
Temples aloft shall rise,
And fabricks reach the skies,
By Masons’ hands.
May temperance e’er command,
With prudence in her hand,
Guide each Masonic band
Throughout all lands.
Return ye erring few,
Whom frantic zeal withdrew
From honor’s cause.
Wide we’ll our arms expand,
Grasp you with friendly hand,
Say you through life demand
Brothers’ applause.
‘Tis by the will of heaven
Kings to command are given,
George we proclaim.
Chant in full song his praise,
May such deeds crown his days,
As will through ages raise,
A deathless name.
Jehovah we implore
Peace to his realms restore,
Grant that his reign
Tyranny may destroy,
While we with rapture cry,
The King shall then enjoy
His own again.

After which they re-crossed the East River, repaired to their lodge-room and closed the day.1


1 Printed by order of the Worshipful Master, James Foreman, Secretary. Gaine’s Mercury, July 2.