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Colonel Campbell to the Chiefs and Warriors

Chiefs and Warriors,—We came into your country to fight your young men; we have killed not a few of them, and destroyed your towns. You know you began the war by listening to the bad counsels of the King of England and the falsehoods told to you by his agents. We are now satisfied with what is done, as it may convince your nation that we can distress them much at any time they are so foolish as to engage in a war against us.

If you desire peace, as we have understood you do, we, out of pity to your women and children, are disposed to treat with you on that subject, and take you into friendship once more. We therefore send this by one of your young men, who is our prisoner, to tell you if you are also disposed to make peace, six of your head men must come to our agent, Major Martin, at the Great Island, within two moons. They will have a safe passport, if they will notify their approach by a runner with a flag, so as-to give him time to meet them with a guard on Halstein’s River, at the boundary line. The wives and children of those men of your nation that protested against the war, if they are willing to take refuge at the Great Island until peace is restored, we will give a supply of provisions to keep them alive.

Warriors, listen attentively: If we receive no answer to this message until the time already mentioned expires, we shall then conclude you intend to continue to be our enemies, which will compel us to send another strong force into your country, who will come prepared to stay a long time, and take possession thereof as conquered by us without making any restitution to you for lands.

Signed at Kai-a-tee, the fourth day of January, 1781, by

Arthur Campbell, Colonel,
John Sevier, Lieutenant,
Joseph Martin, Agent and Major of Militia.

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