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Attack on Captain Huddy

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

September 11.—Yesterday morning, seventy-two men, composed of new levies, refugees, and negroes, under the command of Lieutenants Josiah Parker and William Hewlet, about an hour before day, attacked the house of Captain Joshua Huddy, of Monmouth county, New Jersey, in the following manner, viz.: staving the windows to pieces, and ordering the damned rebels to turn out. This awoke Captain Huddy, who, having two loaded guns at hand, made use of them in a proper manner through the windows; and by the assistance of a girl, who carried him cartridges and rammed, he interchanged his firing up and down stairs, in such a manner, that the assailants took it for granted a small scouting party must be there; by this means he repulsed them, but on a consultation, they renewed the attack again, and fired the house, which induced Captain Huddy, on the entreaty of his wife and another woman, to capitulate on honorable terms, which were granted, and he delivered himself up a prisoner. On their entering the house, when they found none but himself had defended it, and their brave negro Tye, (one of Lord Dunmore’s crew) wounded, it was with the greatest difficulty he was prevented from being murdered. They broke the honor they had pledged, by not leaving Captain Huddy and his family a second change of clothes, and, after near two hours were spent in taking this one man, they made a shameful and silent retreat, loaded with disgrace. A short time after, six militia men pursued them, and renewed the attack, killing the refugee commander. After this they embarked in their boats, and passing the gut between Sandy Hook and the main, Ensign William Vincent, with sixteen of the State regiment, Salem men, attacked them again. The first fire, Captain Huddy, their prisoner, was wounded, but is like to do well. This threw them into such confusion, that they overset their boats, four in number, and about twenty were killed and drowned. This gave Captain Huddy an opportunity of attempting to make his escape by swimming, which he with much difficulty accomplished. We had but one man slightly wounded. This account is taken from Captain Huddy himself.1


1 Pennsylvania Packet, October 3.