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Lord Rawdon’s Regiment

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

March 17.—A munificent entertainment was given by Lord Rawdon, colonel of the Volunteers of Ireland, to his regiment, quartered at Jamaica, Long Island, in honor of St. Patrick, tutelar saint of that kingdom. The following song was sung by Barney Thompson, piper to the regiment; tune Langolee:

Success to the Shamrock, and all those who wear it,
Be honor their portion wherever they go:
May riches attend them, and stores of good claret,
For how to employ them sure none better know.
Every foe surveys them with terror,
But every silk petticoat wishes them nearer;
So Yankee keep off, or you’ll soon learn your error,
For Paddy shall prostrate lay every foe.
This day, but the year I can’t rightly determine,
St. Patrick the vipers did chase from the land;
Let’s see, if like him, we can’t sweep off the vermin
Who dare ‘gainst the sons of the shamrock to stand.
Hand in hand! let’s carol the chorus—
As long as the blessings of Ireland hang o’er us,
The crest of Rebellion shall tremble before us,
Like brothers, while thus we march hand in hand.
St. George, and St. Patrick, St. Andrew, St. David,
Together may laugh at all Europe in arms,
Fair conquest her standard has o’er their heads waved,
And glory has on them conferr’d all the charms.
War’s alarms! to us are a pleasure,
Since honor our danger repays in full measure,
And all those who join us shall find we have leisure
To think of our sport even in war’s alarms.1 

1 Rivington’s Gazette, March 18.