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Tories Abandon Newport for New York

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

An officer in Colonel Jackson’s regiment, In writing of this event, says:—”At last the heroic plunderers of the amiable prince of Great Britain have left one of their most important posts in America, and joined their brave associates in every thing detestable at New York. But be it spoken to the honor of Mr. Prescot, before he left the town he forbade its being plundered. Tommony Fort is left complete in every particular. How completely wretched is the situation of those poor despicable Tory animals, who have been so long and so ardently wishing for the subjection of their country, and who are now deserted by their protectors, and obliged to fling themselves on the mercy of their injured country. But there is this reflection for their comfort, that let their sufferings be what they may, they will not be greater than the poor dogs deserve.” 1


1 New Hampshire Gazette, November 9.  Joseph Wanton, Esq., finding the Britons were about to evacuate Newport, loaded a vessel with his effects, in order to take his departure with them, but the master being on shore, and the mate perceiving a fair gale for putting off, slipped out of the harbor, and instead of taking the destined course, carried the vessel and its effects to Providence, where they were very cheerfully received.—New York Journal, November 8.