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The Storming of Stony Point

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

Nothing can exceed the spirit and intrepidity of our brave countrymen in storming and carrying the British fortress at Stony Point. It demonstrates that the Americans have soldiers equal to any in the world; and that they can attack and vanquish the Britons in their strongest works. No action during the war, performed by the British military, has equalled this coup de main. The generosity shown by our men to the vanquished, when the parties of our enemy are repeating their savage barbarities, whenever they come by surprise, is unexampled. How much more honorable and manly is it to carry fortresses sword in hand, than to burn defenceless towns, and distress unarmed citizens, and even women and children? What action has Clinton to boast of, this campaign, that may be compared with this master-piece of soldiership by General Wayne? And how much provocation had he to have bayoneted the whole British garrison, when he recollected how cruelly the British ‘had massacred the men he commanded some time ago, who fell into their merciless hands? How many of these brave men were killed in cold blood, after they could make no resistance? Clinton must be highly chagrined at this conquest, and employ some good pen to disguise and palliate this affair at the court of London. He has exceeded Howe in the ferocity and savageness of his exploits; but perhaps will not succeed better than he in accomplishing the designs of Britain.1


1 New Hampshire Gazette, July 27.