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News from Spain – The Dutch Loan

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

February 22.—The attention of all ranks of people is fixed upon the expectation of hearing the important intelligence, which, it is said, the Congress received a few days ago from abroad, and the contents of which, it is added, they are in honor and policy bound not to divulge at present. There are various reports about it, but the two following are all we can get any particulars of at this time: One is, that the Spaniards have acceded to the independence of America, have agreed to assist France with thirty sail of the line, and lend the United States of America thirty millions of dollars, as they can better spare money than their troops at so great a distance. The other is, that the Dutch have agreed to supply the Americans with a considerable loan, which is to be guaranteed by France. Whatever be the intelligence, it is certain that the price of goods and hard money has fallen greatly since an express boat arrived last week; but what part she comes from is also a secret.1


1 New Hampshire Gazette, March 16.