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Anniversary of French Alliance

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

February 7.—Yesterday being the anniversary of forming the alliance between France and the United States, the honorable the Congress at Philadelphia gave a public entertainment to his Excellency the Minister Plenipotentiary of his Most Christian Majesty, at which the following toasts were drank, under the discharge of cannon:

1. May the alliance between France and the United States be perpetual. 2. The United States. 3. His Most Christian Majesty. 4. The Queen of France. 5. His Most Catholic Majesty. 6. The Princes of the House of Bourbon. 7. Success to the allied arms. 8. General Washington and the army. 9. The friends of liberty in every part of the world. 10. May the new constellation rise to the zenith. 11. May the American stripes bring Great Britain to reason. 12. The memory of the patriots who have nobly fallen in defence of the liberty and independence of America. 13. A safe and honorable peace.

The cheerfulness which existed in the company upon the happy occasion of their being assembled was not to be exceeded, and a thousand brilliancies, alluding to the alliance, were uttered. There can be no doubt but that every true American and every true Frenchman will contribute his efforts to preserve that connection which is formed by the alliance, and which is so necessary to the happiness and aggrandizement of both nations. Their mutual interests dictate such a conduct in the strongest and most affectionate terms. The principles of the alliance are founded in true policy and equal justice; and it is highly probable that mankind will have cause to rejoice in this union which has taken place between two nations; the one the most puissant in the old, and the other the most powerful in the new world.1


1 New Jersey Gazette, February 17.