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Anecdote of Burgoyne

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

October 18. –On the morning of the seventh instant, General Burgoyne invited General Frazer to breakfast with him. In the course of their conversation, Frazer told General Burgoyne that he expected in a day or two to be in Albany. “Hold,” said General Burgoyne, “the owners of the land (meaning the militia) are come out against us. We cannot proceed any farther so fast as we have done.” The same day the second battle at Stillwater was fought, in which the militia acquitted themselves like veterans, and the whole British army was routed.1 The consequence of this defeat is the glorious Convention of Saratoga, which was signed yesterday. A French officer who has served under General Gates during the campaign, says: “When dere be no more militia in dis country, I be one very great Tory.”2


1 In this action General Frazer was killed.
2 Pennsylvania Packet, September 5, 1778.