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British Spies Executed

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

March 16.—In pursuance of orders from his excellency, the Commander-in-chief, a general court-martial was held at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, when Henry Mansin (who confessed himself an officer in the army) and Wendal Myer, an inhabitant of the county, were brought before the court and charged with being spies, carrying on a traitorous correspondence, and supplying the enemy with horses, &c. The court, after a fair and candid trial, which lasted some days, and every opportunity given to them to make their defence, found them guilty, and unanimously sentenced them to suffer death; in consequence of which, they were to-day executed near Lancaster, amidst a very numerous concourse of spectators. The unhappy wretches, before their execution, acknowledged the justice of their sentence, and died fully convinced of the heinousness of their offence. They have discovered several persons who have aided and assisted them, but unfortunately made their escape upon the capture of these culprits. However, it is hoped that justice will overtake them, and inflict the punishment due to such parricides.1


1 New Jersey Gazette, March 25.