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Cruel Treatment of Negroes

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

The two following advertisements lately appeared, one in the Carolina, and the other in the Virginia newspaper, which show the humanity and great consistency of conduct of the sons of freedom, as the Americans are pleased, in several of their writings, to style themselves: –“Ran away, the tenth instant, a lusty negro, named Bob; the said fellow is outlawed, and I will give ten pounds for his head, severed from his body, and forty shillings if brought alive.”

The second advertisement breathes the same infernal spirit, viz.: –“Ran away from the subscriber, a negro fellow named Zeb, aged thirty-six; as he is outlawed, I will pay twenty pounds currency, to any person who shall produce his head, severed from his body, and five pounds if brought home alive.”1

By the most cruel treatment, they make these poor people desperate, and fly from misery; then they are proclaimed, and exposed to be murdered for a reward. The real friends to liberty should be consistent in all their proceedings!2


1 Signed John Mosely.
2 Rivington’s Gazette, October 25.

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