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Fight at Ward’s House

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

March 17. –Last night, a detachment of the Queen’s rangers, and New York companies, with twenty of the Hessian troops, and a subaltern, under the command of Captains John Branden and Archibald Campbell, were ordered out from New York to attack a party of the rebels at De Lancey’s Mills, in Westchester county; but they having intelligence of the movement of our detachment, fled to the house of Stephen Ward, about nine miles north from Kingsbridge, where the party attacked them, about nine o’clock at night, killed between forty and fifty, and took twenty-seven prisoners, amongst whom were a major, a captain, (wounded,) and a forage-master. They brought off at the same time twenty-four head of cattle, and four horses, part of which the rebels had robbed the friends of government of that day. Our loss would have been very inconsiderable, had it not been for the death of the brave Campbell, who, after the villains had begged for quarters, went into the house, and was immediately shot through the heart. We had five privates killed on the spot, and six wounded, one of whom is since dead.1


1 Gaine’s Mercury, March 24.

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