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Pennsylvanians joined Howe

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

January 5. –Amongst the worthies who have joined, or put themselves under the protection of Howe and company, at Trenton, we find the names of the following noted personages, viz.:

John Allen, Esq., (son of the celebrated rhetorical, impartial, learned judge, whose memory will outlive the five mile stone,) late a member of the Philadelphia Committee of Observation, Inspection, &c.

Andrew Allen, Esq., (brother to Jack,) late a member of Congress, one of the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, and, at the same time, a sworn advocate for George III, of Britain, and his creatures.

William Allen, Esq., (brother to Andrew,) late a lieutenant-colonel in the Continental service, which station he resigned –not because he was totally unfit for it, but because the Continental Congress presumed to declare the American States Free and Independent, without first asking the consent, and obtaining the approbation of himself and wise family.1

Joseph Galloway, Esq., late a member of the Congress, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Senate, and printer of a public newspaper in Philadelphia.2


1 Freeman’s Journal, February 4 and March 16.
2 These lines are the thoughts of a few minutes, which, if severe enough, “Print them egad.”

Gall’way has fled, and join’d the venal Howe,
To prove his baseness, see him cringe and bow;
A traitor to his country, and its laws,
A friend to tyrants, and their cursed cause.
Unhappy wretch!    Thy interest must be sold,
For continental, not for polish’d gold;
To sink the money, thou thyself cried down,
And stabb’d thy country, to support the crown.
Go to and fro, like Lucifer on earth,
And curse the Being that first gave thee birth;
Away to Scotland, and thyself prepare,
Coal dust and brimstone is their only fare;
Fit materials for such Tory blood,
Who wrong their country, and deny their God;
There herd with Bute, Mansfield, and his brother, *
Bite, twist, sting, and poison one another.

* Murray, “confidential. Secretary to the Pretender.”

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