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British Troops land on Long Island

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

August 26. –Tuesday last, a number of ships with troops on board, sailed from Staten Island out of the Narrows; next day they were followed by many more, and about ten o’clock Thursday morning, about ten thousand men landed between New Utrecht and Gravesend, on Long Island. Friday, a party of them came and took possession of Flatbush, which immediately brought on a very hot fire from the Americans, who are advantageously posted in the woods, and on every eminence round that place.

The advanced party of the regulars are encamped a little to the north-west of Flatbush church, and have a battery somewhat to the westward of Mr. Jeremiah Vanderbilts, from whence they continue to fire briskly on our people, who often approach and discharge their rifles within two hundred yards of their works. We have had only four men wounded since the enemy landed, but we were certain many of them fell; and a Hessian was killed last Friday. Several dollars were found in his pocket, and he had an excellent rifle. Many of the regulars are in rifle dresses. 1


1 Freeman’s Journal, September 7.

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