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Tea Troubles at Fishkill

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

August 14. –Yesterday, a number of women belonging to Fishkill, in Duchess county, New York, collected together in order to purchase some tea of Alderman Lefferts, of New York, as he had a large quantity of it there, which he sent up last fall, to make a prey of the friends of the United States by asking a most exorbitant price for the same. Three gentlemen passing by the house where they were assembled, the ladies saw them, sallied out from the house, and entreated them, in the most humble manner, to assist them. The gentlemen refusing to assist, obliged the ladies to use means of force. After confining the gentlemen under guard, they proceeded to the choice of a committee of ladies, and chose three, and then chose a clerk and weigher. They then proceeded to open the boxes, and served out the same, and received six shillings for each pound, which the lady committee intended to remit to the general committee of the county.

The ladies offered for the tea, nine shillings per pound before they made the seizure, but upon Mr. Lefferts’ refusing, they told him he must then take up with the continental price. The quantity taken was two boxes. Mrs. L—-s hoped that none of the relations would assist in the mob, but the persons she mentioned were the first in fact.1


1 Constitutional Gazette, August 26.

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