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British Evacuation of Boston

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

March 14. –The common topic of conversation, since last Friday, has been the evacuation of the town of Boston by King George’s plundering, murdering army, under General Howe. On that day, a paper was brought out by a flag of truce, to which was affixed the names of sundry inhabitants, among which were some of the selectmen, advising that they were permitted by General Howe, in behalf of the town, to notify our army, that if the firing into the place was discontinued, the British troops would leave the same in three or four days, without destroying it. Though the enemy might really be preparing to leave the town, this paper was thought worthy of little attention, as being nothing more than a mere finesse, to induce a relaxation in our proceedings. Sundry persons, since the above paper came out, have escaped from the town, and inform that the enemy are very busy in shipping their effects on board the transports, and that there is great appearance of their going off very speedily. Yesterday it was reported that they were plundering the town, breaking and destroying every thing they cannot carry away. 1


1 Constitutional Gazette, March 23.

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