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Boston Liberty Tree Cut Down

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

September 1. –The enemies to liberty and America, headed by Tom Gage, lately gave a notable specimen of their hatred to the very name of liberty. A party of them, of whom Job Williams was the ringleader, a few days since repaired to a tree at the south end of Boston, known by the name of Liberty Tree, and. armed with axes, &c., made a furious attack upon it. After a long spell of laughing, and grinning, sweating, swearing, and foaming with malice diabolical, they cut down a tree, because it bore the name of liberty. Be it known to this infamous band of traitors, that the Grand American Tree Of Liberty, planted in the centre of the united colonies of North America, now flourishes with unrivalled, increasing beauty; and bids fair in a short time to afford under its wide-spreading branches, a safe and happy retreat for all the sons of liberty, however numerous and dispersed. 1


1 Constitutional Gazette, September 9.

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