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Resolutions on Trade Submitted to Congress

Resolved, That from and after the 20th of July 1776 being one full Year after the Day appointed by a late Act of the Parliament of Great Britain for restraining the Trade of the Confederate Colonies, all the Custom-Houses therein (if the said Act be not first repealed) shall be shut up, and all the Officers of the same discharged from the Execution of their several Functions; and all the Ports of the said Colonies are hereby declared to be thenceforth open to the Ships of every State in Europe that will admit our Commerce and protect it; who may bring in and expose to Sale free of all Duties their respective Produce and Manufactures, and every kind of Merchandise, excepting Teas, and the Merchandize of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British West India Islands.

Resolved, That we will to the utmost of our Power maintain and support this Freedom of Commerce for two Years certain after its Commencement, any Reconciliation between us and Britain notwithstanding; and as much longer beyond that Term, as the late Acts of Parliament for Restraining the Commerce and Fisheries, and altering the Laws and Charters of any of the Colonies, shall continue unrepealed.

Philadelphia, July 21, 1775

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