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On the Paving of Chancery Lane


By an advertisement in your paper of Wednesday last, I find, “the inhabitants of Chancery-lane are desired to meet at the Crown and Rolls, to consider about new paving the said street.” I hope and pray they may not agree to it. Chancery lane is in every respect so like a Chancery suit; it is so very long a lane, so subject to obstructions and delays, one is so unwilling to enter into it, so uneasy and unsafe all the while one is going through it, and so glad to get out of it, that the very reflection on this similarity has often, to my great advantage, deterred me from law, and inclined me rather to end a dispute by arbitration. I therefore wish to see the lane continued in its present state (even after all the rest of the city shall be new paved) as a standing memento that may be beneficial to my fellow citizens. F. B.

The Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser, January 4, 1766