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Apology for the Young Man in Goal

An Apology for the young Man in Goal, and in Shackles, for ravishing an old Woman of 85 at Whitemarsh, who had only one Eye, and that a red one.

Unhappy Youth, that could not longer stay,
Till by old Age thy Choice had dy’d away;
A few Days more had given to thy Arms,
Free from the Laws, her aged Lump of Charms,
Which, tho’ defunct, might feel not less alive
Than we imagine Maids of Eighty-five;
Or hadst thou staid till t’other Eye was gone,
Thou mightst have lov’d and jogg’d securely on.
Yet may thy Council urge this prudent Plea,
That by one Crime, thou has avoided three;
For had a Mare or Sow attack’d thy Love,
No human Form to save thy Life would move;
Or had thy Lust been offer’d to a Male,
All Vindications would and ought to fail;
Or hadst thou sought a blooming Virgin’s Rape,
Thou shouldst not from the Penalty escape:
But when the Object is long past her Flow’r,
And brings no County-Charge, and wants no Dow’r;
Who, slighted all her Life, would fain be ravish’d,
Thou shouldst be pity’d for thy Love so lavish’d.

The American Weekly Mercury, September 15, 1743