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To Edward Winslow, Esq, Sheriff of Suffolk County

Boston, March 26, 1737

I now in the behalf of my self and others who assembled as a Mob assure you, That we have done what we think proper; and are of the Opinion, that you had as goods be still & silent, and let alone your Drums and Guns, for we had no Design to do the Town any Damage, but a great deal of Good; and I can assure, That we have above Five Hundred Men in solemn League and Covenant to stand by one another, and can procure above Seven Hundred more of the same Mind; so that it will not signify any Thing for you with three or four Companies of Men in Arms to suppress us, provided we had not done what we intended; for we are so resolute, that had we any thing further to do, we would do it, provided you loaded your Guns with Powder and Ball; for by the God that made you, if you come to that, we will find as much Powder and Ball as you can; so that we will go to a greater Length than Clubs and Staffs: Depend upon it that it will be so, as true as there is a God in Heaven: Nay, even if you or any of the Authority, pretend to take the Advantage of any Man that you or any of you find out was there, we will Resent it, and cause you and the whole Authority to Repent of such Proceeding: So I beg and pray that the Lord of Heaven and Earth will keep you from taking any Advantage upon any Man; for I do now declare in the Name of above 500 Men, That it will be the hardest Peice of Work that ever you took in Hand, to pretend to Commit any Man for that Night’s Work1, or at least keep them when Committed; so that Governour Belcher himself may pretend to what he will, there must be a great deal of Blood shed before we will be suppressed, provided you take any Advantage of us or any of us.

From your unknown Friend and Servant, Blank2

1 A popular riot in Boston on March 25, 1737.
2 Boston Gazette, Monday, April 11 to Monday, April 18, 1737.