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The Aurora Borealis

Last Thursday Evening there was seen throughout this Province in the N. East, a very bright Appearance of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Twilight. It seems this kind of Meteor never appears near the Equator, and has therefore obtained the above Name. In 1716, March 6. there was one visible to the West of Ireland, Confines of Russia, and to the East of Poland; extending at least near 30 deg. of Longitude, and 50 deg. in Latitude, that is, over almost all the North of Europe; it continued three Nights successively, and in all Places at the same time it exhibited the like wondrous Circumstances. In the Years 1707 and 1708, five small ones were observ’d in little more than eighteen Months. But a sufficient Number of Observations have not yet been made by the Curious, to enable them to assign the Cause of this Phaenomenon with any Certainty.

The Pennsylvania Gazette, October 29, 1730