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Fire and the Nature of Horses

We hear from Trenton, that on Friday the 5th Instant, a good new Stable belonging to Mr. John Severn, was burnt down to the Ground, in which was consumed five Load of English Hay, and seven Horses were burnt to Death; occasioned by the Carelessness of a Servant, who let a Candle fall among the Hay.

About the same Time a Barn and Stable was burnt near Allen’s-Town: The Owner attempting to save a good Horse he had in the Stable, very narrowly escap’d with his own Life; ’tis observed as something unaccountable in the Nature of Horses, that they are so far from endeavouring to avoid the Danger of Fire, as to stand obstinately and suffer themselves to be burnt; nor will they be led from it unless first made blindfold.

The Pennsylvania Gazette, December 16, 1729